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Indonesia is a country that has a variety of tourist attractions. The potential of natural and cultural diversity into an exciting
mix of tourism in Indonesia. Not a few famous tourist spots in Indonesia until the corners of the world. Nevertheless, there
are still many potential sites are not regulated either in infrastructure, management, and human resources (HR), and service.
Therefore, researchers wanted to see the trip on the tourist attractions in Indonesia communications perspective. traveling in
a communications perspective, is the communication activities undertaken to attract tourists. So travelers can feel good
service by the sites they visit. This is important, because tourists will carry the message to the partner sites. If the message is
positive, this sight will return. but if it is negative, it is not possible to get a view of the end. Therefore, researchers
Researchers therefore popular tourist attractions in Indonesia such as Toraja in South Sulawesi as a research site. The
researchers goal was to find out how the services of the tourist attractions in the realm of science communication. Using the
technique of quantitative survey researchers attempted to see the quality Towaja palayanan in South Sulawesi.
Keywords: Service; Traveller;Tourism communications; Toraja,

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Sinta Paramita, Faculty Of Communications Tarumanagara University

Faculty Of Communications Tarumanagara University, Jln. S. Parman, No:1 West Jakarta, Indonesia,