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The policy on tourism development program of Surakarta especially on the calendar of the event takes advantage from religious tradition as tourism commodity. The purpose of this study is to describe the religious tradition haul, the programs by the tourism department of Surakarta, and how commodification through a well implemented marketing communications process, messaging, and other media, as well as responses from the audience regarding the marketing of haul tradition in general toward creating a leading tourism object. Haul which is a tradition for commemorating the death of clerics (ulama) who are followed by some local communities in Surakarta, especially for those in Pasar Kliwon Regency, is utilized in tourism. Through critical study, the cultural values that are supposed to be preserved, changed into marketing values to attract visitors. The used of media are the advertisement and the calendar of events. The local community gain economically advantages from this policy, but they did not object to it socio-culturally. Meanwhile, the tourists are generally interested in haul tradition.

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Muhammad Ferri Setiawan, Sebelas Maret University

Sebelas Maret University, Jalan Ir Sutami No 36-A, Kentingan, Surakarta, Indonesia, Zip. 57126