BPN2TKI Website Utilization in Improving Services and Protections of Indonesian Workers in Asia Pacific Region (Case Study on BP3TKI in West Java)

Nuryah Asri Sjafiraha, Ika Merdekawati Kusmayadi


Indonesian workers empowerment is expected to overcome the complexity of Indonesian workers problems. Government agencies in services and protections of Indonesian workers is called BNP2TKI (National Agency for Placement and Protections of Indonesian Workers) and www.bnp2tki.go.id is their official website. BP3TKI West Java as their representative in West Java area utilize this website to connects with other parties, its included government, private parties, Indonesian worker candidates and Indonesian worker itself. The aims of this study is to (1) focus on the news of G to G program in BNP2TKI website, (2) finds out the actualization of the news content of G to G program in BNP2TKI website, and (3) seeks how the Indonesian worker candidates of South Korea and Japan utilize the website to the fullest. This study applied qualitative research methodology with case study approach. This study used in-depth interview, observation and literature studies. The result of this study is analyzed using structuration theory. This study discovered the article that is published in www.bnp2tki.go.id mostly posted about the news of G to G program between Indonesian Government and the government of South Korea and Japan. The data of this study showed that people had more interest in finding information about G to G program through this website. It is proven that the article related to G to G program were accessed more than a thousand visitors on every article. This G to G program has given special concern, therefore they make special column for this program. 

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