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This research depicts how the phenomenon of Grindr app technology usage among the unknown Indonesian urban gay circle as an intimate communication. The group has received more attention recently due to attitude shift towards value and norm in the Indonesian society. This paper aims to: (1) describe the purpose of using Grindr app as a medium of communication among Indonesian urban gay men; (2) explore the awareness and meanings comprehended by gay men before and after intimate communication through Grindr app; (3) interpret the type of commitment made before and after being involved in intimate communication through Grindr. This is a qualitative research that employed phenomenon analysis method which aims to explore deeper understanding of a phenomenon through life experience. The research informants are selected using certain criteria, and six gays from two big cities in Indonesia, i.e. Jakarta and Medan, were selected. The data was collected through in-depth interview and literature study. To validate and keep this research to remain objective, data, theory and source triangulation were performed. The result of this research are as follows: (1) the main purpose of using Grindr apps is to gain pleasure and sexual contact; (2) the awareness construction and meanings which appear to a gay during the intimate communication through Grindr are for socializing and for mutual introduction; (3) the types of commitment made by the research informants before and after intimate communication through Grindr are open relationship and monogamy.


Keywords: Intimate communication; Commitment; Open relationship; Gay; Grindr.

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