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In the interaction of empowerment program for female headed household, these women have of cource the communication process. The observation conducted by the researcher descroibe that the communication process carried out by the female headedhousehold occured in the time of personal interaction or in group. The research aims to show the communication process going on in the empowerment program in Serikat Pekka Kecamatan Gerung, Kabupaten Lombok Barat,NTB. The researcher used the in dept interview and participant observation to collect the data. From the observation done, it was found out that the communication process in the empowerment program happened in (1) the initiation process when the woman having the status of female headed household firstly joint in the program, (2) the process when the women became the members of Serikat Pekka and participated in the programs offered, and took part regularly, and (3) the communication process when they interacted with the community out of Pekka. Based on the interpretation of data obtained, it can be figured out about the communication pattern of the female headed household in the empowerment program In Serikat Pekka, as follows; (a) The initiation process of Pekka group forming created a model of communication process that can be called Interactive Persuasive Model. (b)Whereas the communication process occurred in the routine activity of the empowerment program done in Serikat Pekka where all the female headed household had became the members and had participated in all the programs can be named All Channel Pattern (Star Model Communication). (3) Finally, the communication process occurred in the process of interaction with the community out of Pekka created the Communication Partnership Model.


Keywords: interaction, communication process, participation, communication model 

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