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The study aims to explain how the communication network and the interactional model of communication among the societies and religious leaders who become a member of Interfidei Yogyakarta. It refers to the background which consists of the main problem, while the main problem in this research is the developing of the societies in Yogyakarta who change from mono to multi complex societies containing religious pluralism. Being a reality, we should accept it as a part of our life in this society. On the other hand, multi complex society usually experiences some challenges such as disharmony and continuous change. Based on that situation, some of the communities in the society and the groups of religious leader have done some efforts to reduce the misunderstanding or misconception among the societies and the adherents of religion. The effort is making a forum of dialogue among the communities or groups of religious leaders. One of the formal forums which focus more on a religious pluralism issue is Interfidei. The method of this research is qualitative and taking place in Interfidei Yogyakarta. Furthermore, the samples of this research consist of ten people who join in Interfidei as a member and participant. The result is that Interfidei divides their activities into two parts; it consists of organizing a workshop and focus group discussion which involves external stakeholders and internal discussion which involves internal staffs. Both of them are done by Schramm communication model. It is because the adherents of religion who join in Interfidei always share their opinions and receive the ideas from another person with pleasure.

Keywords: adherents of religion, Schramm communication model, multi complex society, and religious pluralism

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Chatia Hastasari, Department of Communication, Yogyakarta State University

Department of Communication, Yogyakarta State University