Babystagram Phenomenon Among Indonesia Celebrities Instagram Accounts: Semiotic Analysis on Photographs at Babystagram Account

Lidya Novitasari Saragi, Roro Retno Wulan, Ruth Mei Ulina Malau


Instagram is one of social media that has been widely used by society nowdays. Instagram brings back the use of the hashtag written in the caption form. The purpose of this study is the increasing posts of children’s photos on Instagram that using a lot of babystagram hashtag #babystagram and this phenomenon called babystagram. This phenomena followed by the case of profiteering of children photos from some celebrities of Indonesia, those are uploaded on their babystagram account. This research is focused on finding the meaning in the posts of children photos on babystagram account.  The purpose of this research is to know the meaning of the photo on the account babystagram that being posted and to know whether uploading children photos in Instagram can be one of the causes of child exploitation indication. The analysis method for the data research is using qualitative descriptive. The data are analyzed by Semiotic method of Roland Barthes. The conclusion  showed the meaning of denotation from photos on babystagram account is for many purposes like pleasure, entertainment shows compassion, and the form of pride.  Whereas the meaning of the connotation is for showing off, a popularity, satisfy self-obsession, for economic interests such as get many endorsement, advertising offers, movies, brand ambassador, model, and result with the main goal is for economic interests or money.  The myth from the research showed a luxurious lifestyle that culminated in the formation of the ideology; narcism, hedonism, consumerism that caused the emergence of commodification content in photos on babystagram account.  From the entire meaning is an indication of child exploitation can be truly occur on the posts of the celebrity children photos on Instagram.

Keywords: Babystagram, semiotics, Instagram, photograph, child-exploitation

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