Communication construction of religious and cultural dialectives on the time group in accessing the online media

Dian Marhaeni K.


Taklim groups are unique because they are based on traditional membership. Traditional membership is characterized by modern religious life and adat beliefs that are still united. In the new media era, online media becomes a necessity owned and utilized by any community. With a unique life how online media is to support their life and how the construction of religious communication is interpreted from their communication practices in online media.The study of theoretical research is done by exploring theories about the constructivism of Peter L Berger and Thomas Luckman and the practice of religious communication as contained in the Qur'an and Hadith. The research method is done by appointing informants according to the criteria and research objectives and selecting the group of informants by purposive and snowball system. Primary data experience the process of reduction and presentation of data with Miles and Huberman analysis to get good data quality. Also conducted triangulation process researchers, sources and methods for more perfect. This study resulted in the conclusion that the construction of religious communication is interpreted as dialogue and the result of group agreement that the practice of religious communication should always dialogue with the local custom system and not stand alone. Religious studies must be in harmony with the interests of geographically bound group members and the social and cultural conditions that surround them. There is a strong client relationships in this group not only in conventional life but also in the online media. The relationship affects content and communication behavior in online media. Future recommendations for future research are focused on researching the constructs on the patterns and behaviors of taklim groups in relation to new media functions.

Keywords: Communication construction; Religious communication; Online media;

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