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VOLUME 12, ISSUE 1, February 2011 Prediction Using Distributed Lagged Subset Model Abstract   PDF
Suparman Suparman
VOLUME 19, ISSUE 1, February 2019 Preliminary Study of Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye using Magnetic Alginate/Fe3O4 (Alg/Fe3O4) Nanocomposites Abstract   PDF
Ganjar Fadillah, Muhamad Allan Serunting
VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1, February 2017 Premium Pricing of Liability Insurance Using Random Sum Model Abstract   PDF
Mujiati Dwi Kartikasari
VOLUME 12, ISSUE 2, August 2011 Preparation And Characterization Of Microporous Activated Carbon From Oil Palm Shell By Physical Activation Using Purified Nitrogen Abstract   PDF
Allwar Allwar, Ahmad Md Noor, Moh Asri Moh Nawi
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1-2, August 2013 Preparation of Chitin, Study of Physicochemical Properties and Biopesticide Activities Abstract   PDF (49-55)
Yuli Rohyami, Reni Banowati Istiningrum
VOLUME 19, ISSUE 2, August 2019 Production of Bioethanol from Rice Straw Assisted by Cellulosic Enzyme Oyster Mushroom Stem Using Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) Abstract   PDF
Tatang Shabur Julianto, M. Arsyik Kurniawan S, Ikhwan Arifin
VOLUME 18, ISSUE 2, August 2018 Protoporphyrin IX Extraction from Quail Eggshell (Cortunix cortunix) and Its Complexity with Zn(II) Abstract   PDF
A. Rindang Anggit Laksono, Yohanes Martono, Cucun Alep Riyanto
VOLUME 18, ISSUE 2, August 2018 Rapid Analysis of Adulterated Dexamethasone in Joint-Pain Killer Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM) Using Infrared Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
Ardi Nugroho, Fany Devita Ritonga
VOLUME 11, ISSUE 2, August 2010 Redox Reaction in the Cyclization-aromatization of (R)-(+)-Citronellal with FeCl3/Acetic Anhydride Abstract   PDF
Edy Cahyono, Muchalal Muchalal, Harno Dwi Pranonowo
VOLUME 18, ISSUE 2, August 2018 Saccharin Extraction And Analysis Of Drug And Food Samples By Derivative Ultraviolet (UV) Spectrophotometry Abstract   PDF
Sarwendah Ratnawati Hermanto, Roto Roto, Agus Kuncaka
VOLUME 12, ISSUE 1, February 2011 Screening of Secondary Metabolites Compounds in Stem Bark of Frangipangi (Plumeria alba) and Toxicity Test on Shrimp Larvae (Brine Shrimp Lethality Test) Abstract   PDF
Santi Nur Handayani, Moch. Chasani
VOLUME 11, ISSUE 1, February 2010 Segmentasi Bayesian Hirarki Untuk Model Ma Konstan Sepotong Demi Sepotong Berbasis Algoritma Reversible Jump Mcmc Abstract   PDF
Suparman Suparman
VOLUME 15, ISSUE 1-2, 2015 Semiempirical Study On Electronical Transition Spectra Of Ethyl Pmethoxycinnamate (EPMS) From Kencur (Kaempferia Galanga) For Sunscreen Component Abstract   PDF
Salmahaminati Salmahaminati, Mokhammad Fajar Pradipta
VOLUME 12, ISSUE 2, August 2011 Senyawa Aktif Antiinflamasi dari Kulit Batang Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) Abstract   PDF
Ari Widiyantoro, Indri Kusharyanti, Lia Destiarti, Elvi Rusmiyanto Pancaning Wardoyo
VOLUME 17, ISSUE 2, August 2017 Solvent Optimization For Genistein Isolation Of “Rotten Tempe†By High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method Abstract   PDF
Cucun Alep Riyanto, Hartati Soetjipto
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1, February 2020 Standardization of Specific and Non-Specific Parameters of Propolis Extract as Raw Material for Herbal Product Abstract
Yandi Syukri, Ririk Purwati, Nadia Hazami, Hady Anshory Tahmid, Annisa Fitria
VOLUME 12, ISSUE 1, February 2011 Studi Adsorpsi Larutan Gliserol Menggunakan Karbon Aktif: Efek Konsentrasi, Tegangan Permukaan Dan Temperatur Abstract   PDF
Yuniawan Hidayat, Atmanto Heru Wibowo, Dwi Ngandayani
VOLUME 15, ISSUE 1-2, 2015 Studi Komputasi Metode Ab Initio Dft Dalam Kajian Struktural Dan Sifat Elektronik Senyawa Kalsium Borohidrid-Diamonia Sebagai Penyimpan Hidrogen Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Arsyik Kurniawan
VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1-2, August 2013 Studi Simulasi Model Nested Logit dan Paired Combinatorial Logit pada Respon Multinomial Abstract   PDF (63-71)
Jaka Nugraha
VOLUME 11, ISSUE 2, August 2010 Study of Quartz Activation, Effect of pH and Ion Fe2+ Concentration in Supporting Processes Abstract   PDF
K.D. Nugrahaningtyas, D.M. Widjonarko, I.Y. Indriasari
VOLUME 19, ISSUE 1, February 2019 Study of Student Satisfaction Level in the Faculty Based on Performance Assessment and Interest Level Abstract   PDF
Achmad Fauzan, Muhammad Hasan Sidiq Kurniawan, Jaka Nugraha
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 1, February 2016 Study on Lignin Isolation from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches Abstract   PDF
Nurcahyo Iman Prakoso, Suryo Purwono, Rochmadi Rochmadi
VOLUME 18, ISSUE 1, February 2018 Survival Analysis of Child Patient Diarrhea Using Kaplan Meier Method and Rank Log Test Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Muhajir, Yayi Diyah Palupi
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 2, August 2016 Synthesis and Characterization of 2,3,4-Trihydroxy-5-methyl Xanthone as Antimalarial Compound Abstract   PDF
Dhina Fitriastuti, Jumina Jumina, Priatmoko Priatmoko
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1, February 2020 Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Activated Carbon from Annatto Peels (Bixa orellana L.) Viewed from Temperature Activation and Impregnation Ratio of H3PO4 Abstract
Cucun Alep Riyanto, Muhamad Syaiful Ampri, Yohanes Martono
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