Evaluasi Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup Berwawasan Jender di Kodya Yogyakarta

Hastuti Puspitasari


The management of biology environment needs the society participation widely. This participation is socially, where man and women have the same role. there are two gender analyzes which will use in this research. First is analyze about the participation in the certain activity, and secondly is analyze about restraining factors and supporting factors to participate. the problems of this research are: how is the implementation of biological environment management in Yogyakarta, especially in the Mergangsan sub district, Wirobrajan, Gondomanan, and Jetis? How are man and women participation in formulating of public policy and socialization of biological environment management policy?. The result of this research shows that all policies and laws made by the government of Yogyakarta city, especially which are related to biological environment management are not gender bias.

keyword : Women participation, gender bias

ISSN: 1693-4296