Pengaruh Karakteristik Kepemimpinan Islami dalam Membentuk Perilaku Belajar Tim pada Bank Syariah (Studi Kasus BMT-BMT Di DIY)

Mardin Idris


This research in principle purposes to know the influence of characteristics Islamic leadership to learning behaviour of team at the syaria bank; commonly and BMT specially. By much more competition in globalization era and free market economy, so researcher want to enstrong competitiveness for development Syaria Financial Institution (AFI) andBMT specially in DIY on applying it about characteristic Islamic Leadership problem that had been examples by our prophet Muhammad SAW, there is nucleas values(Trust,Smart,Consistence,integrity and communicative). However, there is still problems in learning process of produc-tivity team to service , where consumer still feel satisfy yet. For that, scientist want to know how much the impact of that nocleas on the concern with learning process grade of productivity serve team.The method that be used is unity of primary data and secondary data. The result of this research is:1.The impact of Islamic leadership commonly, the average more 20 % to increasment learning process team 2.Partially the influence of Islamic leadership is: a.Integrity& accountability=19,78%, b.proffessionality=20,06%, c.Consistence=19,69%, d. trust=19,60% and e.satisfaction of consumer= 20,78%.

keyword : Islamic leadership, learning behaviour of team, AFI(BMT).

ISSN: 1693-4296