Analisis Kontekstual Tentang Kekerasan Di Harian Kedaulatan Rakyat, Bernas, Dan Radar Jogja (Tahun 2000-2001)

Suparman Marzuki


Violence heppened in Yogyakarta, August 2000-August 2001, based on news in Kedaulatan Rakyat, Bernas, and Radar Jogja daily newspaper, mostly perpetrated by police officials and armed civilian mass groups under political parties armrest. Such involvement often in indirect manner; mostly by taking no stance to such law and human rights violations. In several definition, structural and cultural violence is regarded as law human rights violation under the right of security. Particular violence perpetrated by armed civilian mass groups, mere provoked by many factor. First, values conflict a many people and government body injustice practices, e.g. by Police Force and local government. Second, values and social relations background of perpetrators were influenced mostly by political and power interest. Third, no positive corelation existed on the perpetrators unfamiliarity to law and human right very well. Quality, variation and motivation of violence perpetrated by organized armed civilian groups were in live with poor profesionalism of police officers in maintainity public security and order. It also in live with the lack respond from legislative body which should be ferformed as mediation body.

keyword : violence, crime against of human rights, and law enforcement

ISSN: 1693-4296