Penegakan Hukum terhadap Kejahatan Narkoba di Yogyakarta

M. Abdul Kholiq AF


Drug abuse (kejahatan narkoba) is a serious organized crime. This crime has not only local network, but its network widens trans nationally. That is why the increase of the number of the case in this crime, often seen dramatical. Inded, today, the background of the crime has mored from economic motives to political motives, ie, the implisit tendency for young generation moral destruction. Based on the previous character, it is strongly needed a specific strategy to anticipate and to tackle this crime through legal and non legal approaches. Specificly in legal approachs, a systemic legal basis is compulsory to be enforced, together with the good attitudes of the government such as consistency, strong commitment and solidity of the government. This because the success in handling this crime seean as a parameter of the success in legal enforcement generally.

keyword : Law Enforcement, Drug Abuse

ISSN: 1693-4296