Model Penerimaan User Dalam Implementasi SAP (Systems Application and Product) dengan Menggunakan Model UTAUT

Dermawan Hambara Kusuma, Abriyani Puspaningsih


This study aims to analyze the SAP ERP system acceptance model using "Unified Theory of Acceptance and Usage of Technology" (UTAUT). UTAUT model identifies four factors driving acceptance as an independent variable performance expectation (performance expectancy), effort expectancy (effort expectancy), social influence (social influence) and supporting conditions (facilitating conditions). In addition to the four factors of the UTAUT model, this study adds Anxiety as independent variables. As dependent variable is a symbolic adoption that measures user acceptance and attitude in using the system (attitude toward system use) as an intervening variable between the independent variables and the dependent variable. Based on 39 samples taken from the Islamic University of Indonesia Yogyakarta concluded that the model of acceptance of the SAP system with the case of this study, there are four factors that influence the acceptance of performance expectations, business expectations, anxiety, and attitudes shown to affect user acceptance by the SAP system. While the influence of social, managerial intervention and support conditions are not shown to affect user acceptance by the SAP system.

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