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A literary work is a product of a social condition reflection when the work is being written. There are questions how literature relates to society: its social situation, its economic, social, and political system, and so forth. Thus, this will deal with Marxism literary theory concerning with an attempt to describe and define the influence of literature in society and vice versa. This paper will aim at figuring out a Marxist Interpretation on Ideology, Society, and Rebellion in Shirley Jackson's short story. The paper will start with the discussion of Marxism literary theory, then the Marxist Interpretation on Shirley Jackson's short story 'The Lottery'.


literary marxism ideology

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Albertus Suwardi

Albertus Suwardi finished both his undergraduate and graduate education in English Language Studies at Sanata Dharma University. He is now finishing his Doctorate in UNS (Surakarta State University) and at present, is working as an English teacher at the English department in UTY (Technology University of Yogyakarta)
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Suwardi, A. (2017). A MARXIST INTERPRETATION OF SHIRLEY JACKSON’S ‘THE LOTTERY’. Journal of English and Education (JEE), 4(2), 91–98.