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One of the local regulations is Perda No.9 of 2002 concerning the zakah management issued by government of East Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara. The Perda becomes legal-formal standing for government of East Lombok regency to cut 2.5 % out of official’s total salary. The implementation of the policy is subjected to all state teachers and officials under the Departments of Religious Affairs and of National Education. After the ratification of the Perda, several problems appear, namely responses of the teachers and Islamic figures and problems influencing the implementation and impacts of the Perda.
The study has attained the conclusion. Most state teachers and officials satisfactorily respond the zakah profession, and the Islamic figures accept the Perda concerning the zakah regulation as a part of Islamic Shari’ah. Furthermore, the study also indicates that the existence of the regulation on the zakah management, especially the zakah profession for the government officials in fact can improve the social-economy welfare of the society.
Keywords: zakat, perda, PNS, dan Lombok.

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