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The following article originates from the result ofthe field research. The research has been conducted in LAZ ( Lembaga Amail Zakat ) Yayasan Solo Peduli Surakarta. LAZ Yayasan Solo Peduli Surakarta constitutes one of the biggest LAZ at Surakarta. The main problem ofthis research is the influence ofproductive zakat fund toward mustahiq. The research design is quantitative and its analysis is statisticby using a simple regression. The result ofthis research revealed that the productive zakat fund for year 2007 influence on mustahiq income significantly. The significant level or its grade reaches 0,045 or sig < 0.05. In other words there is a positive correlation between productive zakat fund toward mustahiq income

Keywords: pendayagunaan, zakat produktif, pemberdayaan, dan mustahiq.

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