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We study financial system stability by concern on liquidity and effectiveness money multipler between dual banking system, both are; Shari’a Banking and Conventional Banking. Research begun with historical-idealty approach and compare it to reality especially when system attacked by crisis. The comparation Between dual banking system, show that when crisis period Shari’a banking more Insusceptible than another one that because money multipler in shari’a banking is more deducated to riil sector and also he have low integrity with global economic, however the integrity has the positive side to develop economic quantity. By Monetary policy, A central bank can share this system stability adding quantity off Shari’a financial instrumen and gold in foreign exchange policy to cover system sustebcibility. Looked into inffectiveneess banking rekapitalitation, there is 2 option to protect conventional banking stability: office channeling or convertion to shari’a banking. And the segmentation liquidity in money market between bank can be decreas by clearing system based on shari’a principle.

Keyword: Monetary Policy, Dual Banking system, Money Multipliers, Financial System Stability

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