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Waqf itself is a principle that entails generous applications in developing the non-profit, nongovernmental sector and increasing the quantity of welfare services to improve socio-economic welfare of a society. This provides justification for theoretical studies of the application of Awqaf and the development of their properties in Muslim countries and communities. The cash waqf is expected to be an alternative instruments for the poverty alleviation programs. In the Islamic socioeconomic concept, there is a source of social fund that is economically and politically free of charge, namely cash waqf. The objective of the paper is to investigate how this institution can be used in contemporary times to solve economic problems in Muslim society, especially in Indonesia. It is believed that if the potency of waqf is empowered by productive method, it will give more contribution to redistribute assets and opportunities, capacity building and wealth creation, and to extend income support.

Kata kunci: wakaf tunai, potensi, redistributif, kemiskinan (cash waqf, potentiallity, redistributive, poverty)

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