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Television cellular provider advertisement is highly tight. To get viewer attention, the use some short story which have a unique scene that may entertain them. Advertisement power was built from the story idea,the mesage, the star or the dialog it self. A good advertisement should have a high attention power but ethical.This research want to see the application of general or social norm and religion norm on advertisement and to know the variables that influencing the advertisement attention power. I took two Axis advertisement as research samples, “Cowok Hemat” and “Pisang Goreng” theme.This research finds that those advertisements are funny, attractive but breaking the social and religion’s norm and have no education climate . The “Cowok Hemat” version tells people to steal and miserly. The “Piang Goreng” version teach to exploit children, and do not appreciate the seller as well as the role of the mother showed no wise.This reseach shows that stars of “Cowok Hemat” version is moderate significat and the story idea is moderate significat. The stars of “Pisang Goreng” version has strong significat and the flow of the story has moderatel significant. Mean different test shows that these two version are significantly different.

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