Model Simulasi Proses Benang Tekstur dengan Sistem False Twist

Asmanto Subagyo, Taufiq Hidayat


The preliminary modeling of simulation steps required in the development of a generalized computer aided design (CAD) package or program for textile machinery designers.The false twist texturing process (FTTP) is chosen as the starting point, since it is the most important texturing process, and it contains most of the thermo-mechanical processes used in other texturing processes. It also has an inherent problem associated with it at high speed it is very difficult to analyses using conventional analytical techniques.The paper is divided into four sections; an introductory section which describes the false twist texturing process and reviews what modeling work has been done to date, this is followed by a section which describes the simulation techniques employed and the mathematical models used. And the results section where the simulation techniques are validated.

keyword : Texturing, False Twist,Bulky, Lagrangian sistem,model simulasi


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315