Profil Pencemaran Udara Kawasan Perkotaan Yogyakarta: Studi Kasus di Kawasan Malioboro, Kridosono, dan UGM Yogyakarta

Suparwoko Suparwoko, Feris Firdaus


The research about air pollution profile in speed growth area, Yogyakarta, has been conducted. According to research yield, the Malioboro area as a central city has highest level of air pollution and then followed by Kridosono area and UGM area. Even though Kridosono and UGM area have lower level of air pollution than Malioboro area, but they have to be controlled every time. The strategic step to solve the problem is greening the opened space in crowded city as green belt that has ability to reduce air pollutants.

keyword : air pollution profile, speed growth area, Malioboro, Kridosono area, UGM area


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315