Analisis Prestasi Produksi Biogas (Ch4) Dari Polyethilene Biodigester Berbahan Baku Limbah Ternak Sapi

Sutarno Sutarno


Biodigesters can play a pivotal role in integrated farming systems by reducing health risks, facilitating control of pollution and at the same time adding value to livestock excreta through production of biogas and improved nutrient status of the effluent as fertilizer for ponds and crop land. Energy is also a fundamental factor for economic development, but normally the energetic models are based on "non-renewable" resources. The problem is biogas quality that is still far away from Renewable Natural Gas Standard especially side gases produced like CO2, H2S, N2 that can make biogas quality drops. Concentration of CH4 produced by polyethylene biodigester for about 54-75% and Its heating value is around 600 B.T.U. per cubic foot, then Renewable Natural Gas consists of around 80% methane, yielding a B.T.U. value of about 1000. It needed to optimize especially improving quality of biogas produced by filtering side gases produced. Biogas may be improved by filtering it through limewater to remove carbon dioxide, iron filings to absorb corrosive hydrogen sulphide and calcium chloride to extract water vapor after the other two processes.

keyword : Biogas, Biodigesters.


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315