Karakteristik Fisikokimiawi Film Plastik Biodegradable dari Komposit Pati Singkong-Ubi Jalar

Thorikul Huda


Physicochemical and mechanical characterization of plastic biodegradable films from composite cassava and corm extracts have been done. The properties of physicochemical that have been determine surface micro-structure, pH, heat resistance, hot waters resistance and cool waters resistance. The properties of mechanic that have been tensile strength and elongation. The result of surface micro structure from composite plastic biodegradable films show appearance good performance. The acidity degree range 6,0 – 6,7. Maximum heat resistance from plastic biodegradable films reach 100 0C , hot waters resistance during 10 minutes and cool waters resistance during 7 days.

keyword : plastic biodegradable films, cassava and corm extracts, physicochemical, composite


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315