Konservasi Benteng Van Der Wijck Gombong Kebumen Studi Kehandalan Struktur dan Bahan Bangunan

Yulianto P Prihatmaji


Van der Wijck fort (1833) first, has function as military school (education and exercise) to change become museum of Indonesian struggle and tourism place (1999-2000). The changing has little bit give impact for building physic, architecture, structure and their environment. The changing building function should consider building capacity for their sustainability, safety and security. Based on fact, is need research study about building capacity include structure and building material capacity. Aim of the study is to know deep capacity of structure and building material, that is give benefit for contribute to conservation did and on going and should will to do. The data collected through observation, study of reference and building material testing on laboratory related, and to be to analysis with descriptive analysis method through inductive approach. The capacity of building structure will be studied through form of building structure and configuration of building mass. The capacity of building material will observed through level of building maintainability and damage, strength of compression and strength of shear of masonry brick and mortar used. Capacity of building structure is ratio of stress actual of bearing wall 32-49 % (<25 %), it’s mean that condition strength of compression of bearing wall is emergency. Based on form of building structure is stable and solid, and configuration of building mass has a good ductility and eccentricity, so VDW is secure. The capacity of building material has strength of compression masonry 9.7 kg/cm2 and average of strength of compression of brick masonry is 54 kg/cm2, it’s mean that the capacity of building material is good condition. A quality of mortar has proportion 1 lime : 9 aggregate is low quality that is impacted for binding strength between brick masonry. A level of maintainability is low and there is lot of building damage. It’s pointed by big of part of wall be covered with mold and moss or algae, and that is plaster is scraped or peeled. In general building capacities are the capacity of building structure and the capacity of building material of VDW fort is secure, but with note that building could support their load only without add another load. If needed the changing building function that increase load capacity, should to structural strengthening and retrofitting through architectural approach. It’s considered the building include heritage object that must protected.

keyword : Van der Wijck fort, building capacity of structure, building capacity of building material


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315