Studi Kebutuhan dan Kemampuan Pemenuhan Rumah Bagi Pegawai Golongan Rendah Studi Kasus Karyawan FTSP UII

Hastuti Saptorini


Housing is ones of human basic needs. Recently, housing price increase highest than lower income groups. The aims of this research are to know income and expenditure distribution of UII FTSP officers, hierarchy of housing need and ability to pay for housing. This research is also to know alternative models to solve that problems. Research find that more than 50 percent household use salary for routine needs. It is very difficult for FTSP officers able to pay for housing if they depend on established housing market. As mortgage scheme analysis , there are threat for officers to have a house.

keyword : Housing, income and expenditure distribution, mortgage scheme.


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315