Analisa Perbedaan Kekuatan Benang Pc Ne1 45 (Campuran Pe 65%-cotton 35%) antara Hasil Proses Mesin Jet Spinner dengan Hasil Proses Ring Spinning

Sutarno Sutarno


The research learns about the strength of PC Ne1 45 yarn (mixture of Polyester 65% and Cotton 35%) between the production of Jet Spinner machine and Ring Spinning machine. The research was done at PT. Argo Pantes Tangerang West Java. The data was taken from factory manually, then observed and analyzed in laboratory. The result of research can be concluded as follow statistically, it can be told that the strength of PC Ne1 45 is different significantly from the production of Ring Spinning machine. In this case, the yarn’s strength produced by Ring Spinning machine is higher (Stronger) than the yarn processed by Jet Spinner machine, which the mean 1938,40 Newton/sheet for Ring Spinning and the mean 1907,79 Newton/sheet for Jet Spinner. From the elasticity of the yarn is also different, yarn processed by Ring Spinning is higher than by Jet Spinner, which is 6,60% for Ring Spinning and 6,39 for Jet Spinner.

keyword : jet sprinner, Ring Spinning


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315