Pemeriksaan Retikulosit Metode Manual pada pengamatan per 1000 Eritrosit dan per 500 Eritrosit Dibanding Metode Automatik

Linda Rosita


Background. Retikuloyte counting as one of indicator of stipulating of clasification diagnosis of anaemia. So result of accurate retikuloyte counting, do not need the needed old time especially for laboratory which medium of physical and human resource limited. For the efficiency of time and minimize the this study mistake try by way of retikuloyte counting of per 500 eritrocyte and per 1000 eritrocyte, is later then compared to by method of automatic flow cytometri which is considered to be permanent of gold standar. Objective. This Study aim to to compare the of the retikuloyte counting manual method of per 1.000 eritrocyte and perception 500 E compared to by a permanent inspection of gold standar by flow cytometri and also know the appearance diagnosed second of the manual method. Methods. This Study is done by eksprimental in laboratory of clinic pathology, by design cross sectional, where sampel taken only once. Sampel weared is whole blood. Retikuloyte counting done 2 method that is automatic and manual. Also test the agreement of two examiner. Result. Diagnostic performance manual method 500 eritroyte and 1000 eritrocyte own the same value sensitivitas that is 78%. To assess the spesifisitas of manual method 500 higher eritrocyte that is 69% and 61%. This matter is perceivable because calculation 500 eritrocyte do not require the longer perception when have count untill 1000 eritrocyte Conclusion. Retikuloyte counting of manual method 500 eritrocyte replacable manual method 1000 eritrocyte.

keyword : Retikuloyte counting, manual method, automatic


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315