Studi Eksperimental di Laboratorium tentang Nilai Modulus Geser Berdasarkan Metode Hardin dan Black Serta Menard

Ibnu Sudarmadji


Indonesia is an area lies on quake line and the second critical area after Japan. In the end of 2004, there was big tremors in Nabire (Nov 26, 2004) and Nangroe Aceh Darussalam ( Dec 26,2004) which was followed by a deadly Tsunami which cost hundreds of thousands life. The general symptom of earthquake is tremors around the epicenter, then spread over all directions and reach to the mainland where the tremors recorder locates. Therefore, soil has an important role in transporting earthquake. To understand technical character and soil response due to the static and dynamic weight, it needs a laboratory examination on this soil character titled "Experimental Study At Laboratory About Shear Modulus Based On Hardin And Black Method And Also Menard". This research will discover shear modulus based on a method recommended by Hardin and Black, and Menard. By entering variables resulted from Tri axial Test UU and Consolidated of pore value (e), inner scrape angle (O), Cohesion ©, and Elastic Modulus (E) to the formulas recommended. This research resulted that shear modulus of salaman clay according to Hardin and Black of 6,923 MPa, Menard 19,18 MPa, and Mertoyudan clay (in that order) 20,36 MPa, and 27,03 MPa, sands in Kampus UII FTSP (in that order) 16,74 MPa and 62,04 MPa.

keyword : Modulus Geser, tanah lempung, tanah pasir, poison rasio, metode Hardin dan Black, Metode Menard.


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315