Pengaruh Penambahan Kacang Tunggak (Vigna Unguiculata) dan Konsentrasi Bahan Penggumpal (CaSO4) pada Sifat-sifat Tahu Sutera yang Dihasilkan

Siti Tamaroh CM


Soft tofu or silken tofu was usually made from soy bean. In this study, soft tofu was made of soybean substituted with cowpea bean (Vigna unguiculata). Cowpea bean have more protein, close to soy bean protein. Our objectives were to determine the effect of substitute cowpea bean and concentration coagulant (CaSO4) on the characteristic of soft tofu.. Soft tofu was made of soybean substitute with cowpea bean. The ratio was 100 : 0, 90 :10, 80 : 20 and 70 : 30 respectively. CaSO4 was used as coagulant, the ratio of the coagulant to bean were 10g/kg, 12kg/kg and 14g/kg. Moisture content, yield, protein content and texture were determined. The sensory properties were evaluated with hedonic test. The limit ratio of cowpea bean to soybean was 20 : 80. The more cowpea bean, the soft tofu had bad characteristics, they were juicy, low protein and soft texture. Moisture content was not affected by coagulant concentration but protein content and the texture were affected Yield was not affected both, substitute cowpea bean and concentration coagulant. Soft tofu made of soy bean to cowpea bean 80 : 20, with concentration coagulant 12g/kg bean was preferred and the chemical composition were moisture content 78,41%, protein content 56,19% (db), yield 229% and texture 2,86 N.

keyword : soft tofu, cowpea bean, coagulant


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315