Fotodegradasi Zat Warna Rhodamin B Menggunakan Katalis Bentonit Alam Terpilar Oksida Zr

Is Fatimah


Research on photodegradation of rhodamine B dye using Zr oxide pillared bentonite clay has been investigated. The purpose of research is to identify physicl character of bentonite through pillarization using Zr and determine its activity as a photocatalyst for rhodamin B photodegradation. Pillarization was done by dispersing Zr4+ polioxocation solution into silica interlayer of montmorillonite structure. physical characterization of material was done by XRD analysis, surface area analysis and Zr content analysis by XRF. Photoactivity test of the catalyst was done in suspension system of rhodamin B-catalyst under expose of UV light 366 nm. Photodegradation kinetic determine spectrophotometry. Result of the research show that pillarization of bentonite increase the specific surface area of material from 48.68 m2/g to 59.52 m2/g, basal spacing increase of 9,6 ?. Photoactivity test showed that Zr oxide pillared bentonite has an activity in rhodamine B photodegradation with 80.67 % maximal activity in rhodamine B of 0.78 ppm by 2 hours. Photodegradation of rhodamine B is 1st kinetics order reaction.

keyword : Rhodamin B, bentonite


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315