Inventarisisasi Potensi Ekowisata di Pulau Nusakambangan sebagai Sarana Konservasi Sisa Hutan Hujan Tropis Satu-Satunya di Jawa Tengah

Hanif Budiman


Island Nusakambangan broadly ± 17.000 Ha have unique and typical natural potency so that require to be exploited without destroying its existence, one of way of its exploiting to pass/through ecotourisme.This research is conducted to identify and register existing natural resources potency utilize area exploiting through ecotourisme, leaving from a problem of how level of tour potency Island Nusakambangan earn tidy and presented as a ecotourism development, and wrongly its one target is to get natural resources potency picture as area exploiting effort through activity of ecotourism, This research through 4 step, first is preparation, where conducted exacerbation of formula problems of research, research scope and methodologies. second is identify, that is inventory of potency - natural resources potency, either through research library and also research field, especially concerning how assess variety with various its strong character. Which is later;then analysed descriptively quantitative as third step. And last step is to conclude result of research and give suggestion result of this research express that Nusakambangan island have some natural resources of cave, forest, coastal and unique and typical segara anakan, but do not all can be developed as public tourism object.

keyword : ecotourism, resources


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315