Perbandingan Angka Kuman Pada Cuci Tangan Dengan Beberapa Bahan Sebagai Standarisasi Kerja di Laboratorium Mikrobiologi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Islam Indonesia

Farida Juliantina Rachmawati, Shofyatul Yumna Triyana


Hand washing is a simple thing but it becomes one of serious efforts to prevent from infection. In Medical Microbiology Laboratory, microbe infection agent is used so hand washing is absolutely essential. Instead of protection for the laboratory assistant, hand washing is useful for prevention from contamination, so it is important to compare hand washing using several materials which can be a standard in Medical Microbiology Laboratory. The study is implemented  using experimental research. Independent variable is hand washing using several materials and the quantity of microbe as dependent variable. The material is solid Triclosan soap (new and old), ethanol antiseptic, Irgasan and alkohol 70%. Sample quantity  for each material is 60. Microbe quantity is counted before and after hand washing  and analized with pair of experiment. The average quantity of microbe after hand washing using new solid Triclosan soap: 14,48, old solid Triclosan soap: 34,46, ethanol antiseptic 2,67, Irgasan antiseptic: 6,27 and alcohol after washed using water 25,90. Hand washing using new antiseptic soap indicated statistical significant of microbe numeral (p<0,01) while using old antiseptic soap indicated no significant  result (p>0,05). Utilizing ethanol antiseptic and Irgasan (without water) indicated significant result (p<0,01).  Hand washing using water and continued with alcohol 70% did not indicate significant result. Water,  tissue dryer, time of alcohol exposed can be the causal factor so advanced research is needed. The average quantity of microbe from the least, ethanol antiseptic (without water): 2,67, Irgasan antiseptic (without water): 6,27, new solid Triclosan soap: 14,48, alcohol 70% after hand washing with  water: 25,90, old solid Triclosan soap: 34,46. There was statistical significant compared before hand washing using ethanol antiseptic and Irgasan without water and new solid Triclosan soap. The best result of this research is obtained when antiseptic without water is used. Considering water which is used, tissue dryer and exposed time of material, advanced research is needed.

Keywords: microbe numeral, hand washing, Microbiology laboaratory

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