Aktivitas Penghambatan Kejadian Kanker Ekstrak Etanol Buah Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria Macrocarpa Boerl) Pada Mencit yang Diinduksi 7,12-Dimetilbenz(a)antrasen

Yandi Syukri, Saepudin Saepudin


Mahkota dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa Boerl.) has been known as a medicine for any kind of diseases, among them is for cancer.  To determine the carcinogenesis inhibition effect of mahkota dewa fruit extract, we have examined the effect on 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA) – induced mice. Newborns mice received 0.25 mg  single intraperitoneal injection and the extract was tested at 25 mg, 12.5 mg, and 6.25 mg a day .  Anticarcinogenic effect of the extract was evaluated by observing the total number of all types of neoplasm in hepar, kidney, lung, gastric, intestine, and lymphatic tissue. The organs histopathology was examined at week 16.  The result showed that the extract at 6.25 mg and 25 mg decreases carcinogenesis event by 50% and 100% ,respectively, compared to negative control.  In conclusion, the extract at 25 mg improved several organs carcinogenesis than other dose, and thereby can be developed as a potential anticancer agent.

Keywords : mahkota dewa, Phaleria macrocarpa, DMBA, carcinogenesis

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PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315