Pemaknaan Istilah- Istilah Kualitas Kenyamanan Thermal Ruang Dalam Kaitan Dengan Variabel Iklim Ruang

Sugini Sugini


The existence of thermal comfortable topics in field of architecture is a topic, which realized by architects and scholars of architecture. The main and basic work from a building is a work as activity place. In this term, a building must give protection into external pressure and comfortable condition in order to have a good work and maximum work in this activity. The research findings are: (1) There is a conformity among four variables of climate theories which proposed by Fanger (1982), Gagge and Koenigsberger, (1973); (2) The translator association of terms of thermal comfortable quality with variable of space climate; (3) There is significant differences in translating the terms of thermal comfortable quality in terms of four variables of space climate among the group of respondents based on kinds of work category, level of knowledge on thermal comfortable and longest home live. The unclear term definition of thermal comfortable quality is stiflingly hot;(4) Attitude choice in translating the terms of thermal comfortable quality will has a correlation with the level of cognitive knowledge of thermal comfortable, kinds of work and the past thermal environmental habits. This research finding is tends to have a conformity with the concept of thermoregulator auliciems and the correlation theory of psychological process with the cognitive knowledge which summarized by Sarlito Wirawan.
Kata Kunci: Cold, fresh, gerah, sultry, chilled, heat, balmy, air temperature, movement of air / wind, dampness, radiasi temperature, thermal.

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