Optimasi Metode Penentuan Kandungan Iodium Dalam Garam Dapur dengan Spektrofotometer UV-VIS

Riyanto Riyanto


It had been done an optimation methods for the determination of iodine in salt by spectrophotometer UV-Vis. The optimum reaction conditions and other important analytical parameters have been investigated. Research done by oxidation of iodine and iodide become the iodat, reduce the iodat become the iodide later then iodide by sodium nitrit. Free iodium result of extract oxidation by kloroform is so that formed by condensation of squeezing purple and measured by is absorbance with the spectrophotometer UV-VIS.Result of research that the maximum wavelength 510.5 nm, oxidation which is good to oxidation iodide become the iodat is KMnO4, the optimum pH obtained on the pH 2. For the optimum acid using H2SO4. Optimum complex measurement time that is 0 minute (is immediately measured). This methods that the good accuracy and precission. Nine real samples were analyzed altogether contain the iodine, but cooking salt fulfilling standard (according to lable 30-80 ppm) about 55,5% and the rest 44,5 % below the mark.
Kata Kunci: Optimation methods, Iodine, Spectrophotometer UV-Vis.

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ISSN: 1410-2315