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In this era of the 4th industrial revolution, one of the challenges we face is employment. There has been a decrease in job opportunities, while competition has also increased. The unemployment rate also continues to increase annually, especially among university graduates. Students need to be aware of how ready they are to enter the labor market after completing their studies. This study aims to test the validity and reliability of the Perceived Future Employability Scale (PFES), to identify whether the Indonesian version of the instrument is valid and reliable. PFES is expected to assist students to get an overview of how ready they are to enter the labor market, so they can prepare themselves better and know what still needs to improve. The process carried out includes a Focused Group Discussion (FGD), forward-backward translation, expert review, readability test, expert judgment, and data collection. The research design is in the form of an online questionnaire. The number of samples in this study amounted to 467 university students aged 18-30 years old. This study examined the construct validity and internal consistency reliability (Cronbach’s alpha). PFES has a strong positive correlation with the instrument that measures similar construct, and has a low negative correlation with the instrument that measures different construct. The results also indicated a high level of reliability. Thus, the Indonesian version of the PFES measuring instrument is a valid and reliable measuring instrument.

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