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Before conducting real teaching, students would be prepared with some agendas to train their teaching capability, their mastery of teaching method dan class management. At UII, students from Islamic Education Department have to conduct classroom observations and real teaching practices in secondary public schools as part required subject. This research examines how the application of active learning strategies could foster students of microteaching from academic year 2013/2014 at department of islamic studies Islamic univesity of Indonesia. The method of the research uses class activity research with 2 cycles activities. The pre Test in first Cycle reflects how the students were still used their basic capability in teaching practice and the second cycle was the training of active learning strategies using multimodal methods where the reasult shows that the students as a practitioner could use the active learning strategies to teach in the microteaching practices according to the subject they are teaching. The Innovation leads the students from very low score to high score in teaching capabilities.

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