Aplikasi Data Penginderaan Jauh dan Sistem Informasi Geografis untuk Identifikasi Tingkat Keragaman Penggunaan Lahan

Dwi Nowo Martono


This research is examine level of variety landuse and road network by calculating entropy indeks each
“Rukun Wilayah (RW)†in Cibatok subdistrict Bogor. High resolution Remote sensing “quick bird†data is used
to identify landuse and road network distribution. Base on interpetation result by remote sensing data, there
are 3 class of landuse which are rice field, mix garden and settlement. Rice field dominate 73,063% of whole
research area. Settlement spread each RW in Cibatok Village, The other side mix garden less spread, because
only in RW 03 and RW 04. The highest heterogeneous land use in RW 08 with average entropy value 0,866 and
the most homogeneous in RW 01 with entropy value 0,452. Entropy value not related with level of accessibility.

Kata Kunci: remote sensing, land use, entropy

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