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The 3G network infrastructure such as BTS (Base
Transceiver Station), femtocell, picocell is still limited and
consequently still in the process of making data access by users
who are in the building and in public places during rush hour
traffic to be blocked due to density data. Then Traffic Offload /
Mobile Data Offload (Seamless Connectivity) could be one
solution for addressing the explosion in data traffic, data traffic
on the 3G network transferred over or Traffic Offload to WiFi
Network (3G-WiFi Traffic Offload). The WiFi Network is able to
provide access data at higher speeds, increasing network capacity
and Infrastructure WiFi that can be used together.
In this research, Traffic Offload between 3G Network with
WiFi network used software MATLAB R2013b. The analysis is
done by observing the received signal strength, handover user,
drop user, handover delay and throughput.
From the results of this research we have know the Received
Signal Strength (RSS) that is appropriate to perform offloading
from 3G network to WiFi network are RSS 3G network = -84
dBm, RSS WiFi network = -69 dBm so that we get 260 handover
users and 240 dropped users on user velocity = 50 m/s. And
offloading from WiFi network to 3G network are RSS 3G
network = -91 dBm, RSS WiFi network = -76 dBm so that we get
138 handover users and 111 dropped users on user velocity is 50
m/s. For 245 handover users we get handover delay = 40,05 mili
second and user throughput = 2 Mbps in 3G network at 0,1 km
from 3G Node B and user throughput = 2,9 Mbps at 50 meter
from WiFi access point (at 1,5 km from 3G Node

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