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Abstract— An automatic parking system miniature model
design and implementation is reported in this paper. The system
is a minimum based system using Near Field Communication
(NFC) technology, and connected to a database server. The
system can be divided into two subsystems, namely a decision and
control system, and database server system. Furthermore, the
decision and control system can be divided into two elements: (i)
Element 1 which consists of LCD module, NFC module, and
Ethernet module, and (ii) Element 2 which consists of LCD
module and stepper motor driver module. The two elements are
connected through a wireless connection using XBee wireless
device. To implement the NFC feature, NFC Shield V2.0
manufactured by Seed Studio is used. As an initial process, all
NFC tags and cards are registered to the database server system.
Then the parking process is starting with the detection of NFC
tags or cards in Element 1 of the decision and control system.
Based on the detection results and the results of querying the
database server a decision is then send to Element 2 that will
move the lift to the designated parking lot. In that sense, the
system is able to allocate the parking space to its users who have
the registered card or tag. Freetronics EtherMega v3.0 is used as
the central processing unit for the system which is used for
querying the database and take actions based on that query
results. An integrated Ethernet chip on EtherMega is used to
connect the decision and control system to the database server
system, because the system can connect directly to the database
server. A computer that is usually needed to be the middle man
for procession queries is no longer needed. From a number of
tests performed, the system works well and can achieve 100%
allocation success rate. The system is able to allocate the parking
lot very well and to check whether the lot is occupied or free. The
system can also control the lift to move to the appropriate lot.
Observed weakness is that the system’s stability is affected by
heat generated by the system itself.
Keywords—wireless, database, automatic parking, feedforward,

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