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Firm value is a key statistic for stakeholders. External stakeholders, especially investors, prioritize corporate financial allocation. This study aims to determine the link between Carbon Emission Disclosure and Firm Value, taking into account Company Size, Profitability, and Gross National Income as control. This research employed purposive sampling to identify 14 companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. We researched from 2017-2020. This research uses secondary data from an annual report and a sustainability report. Secondary data may be found on the websites of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Malaysia Stock Exchange, and Thailand Stock Exchange. Also review the company's own website, which matches study sample standards. The study found a statistically significant association between carbon emission disclosure and company value. Profitability and GDP may affect the relationship between carbon emissions disclosure and business value. However, firm size may not have a significant effect on Carbon Emissions Disclosure and firm value.

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Ranting, A. ., & Bwarleling, T. H. . (2024). Southeast Asia’s Top Three Carbon-Producing Nations: Carbon Emission Disclosure and Company Valuation. Proceeding International Conference on Accounting and Finance, 2, 210–223. Retrieved from