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The mandatory requirement, as per the Regulation of the Minister of Health in the Republic of Indonesia, involves the establishment of an information system in every hospital. RSIA Asih Balikpapan has implemented a Hospital Management Information System (SIMRS) to support the process of hospital activities. Evaluation of information systems is a real effort to find out the actual state of the implementation of information systems. The purpose of this study was to determine the success rates of SIMRS implementation at RSIA Asih Balikpapan using the HOT-Fit method. This method combines the DeLone and Mclean 2003 Information Systems Success Model and the IT-Organization Fit Model. Respondents in this study were 73 users of information systems. this research was conducted using a quantitative method using a questionnaire distributed online. The data analysis technique used is SEM. The results of this study indicate that the quality of the system affects user satisfaction; organizational structure affects user satisfaction; leadership support affects system users; and user satisfaction and facility conditions affect net benefits, while system quality does not affect system users; information quality and service quality do not affect user satisfaction, and user satisfaction does not affect system users.

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