Bunga Bank : Abdullah Saeed vs Yusuf Qaradhawi (Sebuah Dialektika Pemikiran antara Kaum Modernis dengan Neo-Revivalis)

Wartoyo Wartoyo


This article aims to discuss the term of riba in the modernist and neo-revivalists thought as represented in Abdullah Saeed and Yusuf Qaradhawi different opinion on it. The difference between the modernist and neo-revivalists in usury problem stems from differences in the understanding and interpretation of the verses of the Koran that speak about it. Contextuality of the modernists put the text forward the law, so that the conventional view that bank interest is not the same as usury, while the neo-revivalist view that the problem of usury should be seated as a final assessment as mentioned in the Koran, in which each of the additional capital is usury and haram.

Keyword: Riba, interest, Modernis, Revivalis.

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