Analisis Industri Tekstil dan Produk Tekstil di DIY dan Jawa Tengah

Abdul Malik


Textile industry share enough the necessary for many state in strarting industrialization process. History prove the mentioned, for example noted at industrial revolution in English, caught up later;then industrialize in United States, and Meiji restoration in Japan. That way also in some new industrial state ( NICS) like South Korea, Taiwan And Hongkong also start its industrialization from Textile and Product Textile ( TPT) and hitherto the nations still represent especial TPT exporter of world. By knowing Profile textile industry and the textile product, hence we will know about Structure textile industry and later;then we analyse it by means of Analyse SWOT(STRENGTH, Weakness, Opportunity And Threats), Environmental Analysis and also Analyse Environmental Impact (AMDAL). From result of analysis to each the textile industry subsektor area hence obtained by industrial Profile of TPT, weakness, opportunity and its resistance from TPT industry in DIY and middle Java. Pursuant to result of the analysis hence industrial Profile of TPT in DIY and middle Java is to indicate that Potential enough production capacities ( 60%) and opportunity aspect marketing of its exporting (60%). But that way from work productivity aspect and industri-tekstil waste pengelolaan-pengolahan aspect still is very low each 20.

keyword : analysis, textile industry, Product Textile.


PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315