Journal History

Hello, welcome, readers. We started Year 2019 here with two news.

First of all, our editorial board are filled with new manager. Holy Rafika Dhona, who previously led the Jurnal Komunikasi (Journal of Communication) as Editor in Chief, is now being replaced by Puji Rianto and Sumekar Tanjung as Managing Editor. These changes has had a significant impact.

Holy Rafika has been credited with increasing citations and visits with social media engagement techniques and improving the quality of the script. OJS (Online Journal System) arrangements and accreditation were also inscribed during this period.

Therefore, Holy Rafika was asked to transplant his ideas and successes from the Communication Journal into our international journal, the Asian Journal of Media and Communication (AJMC). Congratulations for your hardworking Brother Holy, after building the credibility of this Communication Journal for more than four years.

Well, the second news is, under the leadership of Puji Rianto and Sumekar Tanjung, we are presenting quality standards and the new appearance of the Communication Journal website with a new, simpler and fresher look.

You can see a concise and minimalist look in the October issue.

This is our commitment to providing scientific articles that are not only scientifically qualified, but also fresh in appearance.

Thank you for enjoying our Journal 'meal'. Happy surfing in our ocean of knowledge on our website. See you later, beloved readers.