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Business development is an important thing for every company in order to adjust their self to
follow the world sophistication. One of business sector is animation that now became more advance along the world development. In Indonesia the business move in the field of animation has not been so ogled by the investors. One big reason is because investors do not know the level of profit to be gained. This study aims to develop a business model company engaged in the field of animation that accompanied the information related to the benefits of investment that will be obtained. the Method used in this research are business model canvas (BMC) and SWOT analysis which being modified with cost analysis. The results obtained is "Kasat Mata" animation company that has been operating for more than 10 years should be develop its business model in order to provide a good profit for the company. Based on cost analysis with several investment feasibility parameters, the business development model is eligible. At the end, this research can be used as a reference for the company for developing their business model and also can be used by investors as a consideration for understanding the benefits.

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