Diana Diana, Arief Budiman


Indonesia is the third largest producer of turpentine in the world. Turpentine is one of the essential oils whose main component is alpha pinene. If the alpha pinhed is treated with acetic acid using a sulfuric acid catalyst an ester is produced. From the GCMS results detected some ester compounds formed such as bornyl acetate, fenchyl acetate and terpinyl acetate. The purpose of this study was to study the process of reaction of turpentine acetosilation with acetic acid using sulfuric acid catalyst. The assosylation reaction is run for 180 minutes at various temperatures. Samples were taken every 30 minutes to be analyzed using gas chromatography (GC). From the analysis results obtained at minute 30 to minute to 180memberikan alpha pinene conversion which tend to be constant for each isothermal condition. The experiments were carried out at a temperature range of 45oC - 75oC. Conversion of alpha pinene increases as the reaction temperature increases and the number of catalysts increases. Maximum conversion achieved is 61% which occurs at reaction temperature 75oC and alpha pinene ratio: acetic acid: sulfuric acid of 1 : 1: 0.06.

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