Terbentuknya Akad dalam Hukum Perjanjian Islam

Afdawaiza Afdawaiza


The field of social affairs of Islamic law has been paid attention more betterrecently. This indicates by the emerging of many kinds of the finance and syariah business institution.Besides, it also enlarging of Islamic court authority in handling the cases not only inheritance, the last will, gifth, and the waqf but also those of syariah economics. Hence, it is urgent need to study the basic principles that becoming the substance of transaction. Departing from these basic principles can support to handle the cases that arise in this field of Islamic law. This contrary to the model of Islamic jurists that always study many kinds of particular transactions without describing the general principle. This article aims to describe the general principles of the elements and the criteria

Keywords: akad, perjanjian, prinsip, Islam, dan sengketa.

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