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Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are products that sold quickly and having a brand switcher consumer type. Its biggest challenge is having many competitors in their industry that make them have to execute an accurate strategy and always create new innovation. Therefore, there is a phenomenon where FMCG products are using social media as a platform to connect brand emotionally making consumer felt appreciated and honored so they tend to buy the brand. Emotional Marketing is a concept in the world of marketing with the aim of giving the impression of a unique emotional side featuring a brand or product. Having good strategy must have a potential target audience. In this case, we need target audience who grow in digital era. It's what we called millennial generation who are 'technology savvy' and love an emotional relationship in content value. Then, how is social media, in this case Instagram, implementing emotional relation in FMCG products for millennial consumers? How consumers can be influenced to buy the products in emotionally? The purpose of this research is to be used as a brand promotional evaluation and give benefit academically.

Keywords: fast moving consumer goods; social media; millennial consumers; digital marketing strategy; emotional marketing;

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Ms Novie, University of Indonesia, Kedoya, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

University of Indonesia, Kedoya, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Firman Kurniawan Sujono, University of Indonesia, Kedoya, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

University of Indonesia, Kedoya, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


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